How to play

If you’ve already bought some players, this guide will help you learn how to submit your teams for the SO5 tournaments and the entry restrictions for each division

In order to register your teams, go to the Play tab and click on it. You’ll have two tournaments to choose from. The first one with Open next to it is the next tournament available so choose this one. 

When you click on it you’ll be directed to the page containing all leagues open for the next tournament. A Regional league will be opened if there are more than 10 clubs from that region under license playing during the game week. When we open a new league, all the divisions of that league will be available to compete in (from DIV 4 to DIV 1). The Global Tournaments (All-Star and U23) will be available to compete only when there are more than one Regional League that is open during that Game Week. For example, if Champions America and Champions Asia are open, then the Global Tournaments will be open too.

You can see each league has 4 divisions, each one with different restrictions to join and different prize and reward structure. The breakdown of this in the picture below

According to the new system, for all Division 4 tournaments you are required to use at least 4 Rare Cards and the captain must also be a rare card. You can fill the 5th spot with a Common Card but it will receive a -50% penalty – most users will choose a common GK for this spot in case they don’t own a rare GK.

Division 3 restricts you to use at least 3 Rare Cards and can be filled with maximum 2 Super Rare cards. The captain must be a rare card. Given this changes, in my opinion Division 3 tournaments are now more accessible even for those who don’t own yet super rare cards.

To compete in Division 2, you’ll need at least 3 Super Rare cards. The other 2 players can be rare, super rare or unique (max 1 unique & max 1 rare) and the captain must a be a super rare card.

Division 1 is the place where you will meet most of the whales. You need at least 3 Unique Cards to compete in and can be filled with unique or super rare cards, but the captain has to be unique. 

Before you decide what division to choose, go to the Matches tab to see all the matches eligible for the current game-week. This will help you choosing the right players. 

If you want to find out more about the prize and reward structure for each tournament click on the Prize Pool.

Let’s say we select Global Under 23 Division 4 tournament. On this screen you have the option to setup your team. It asks me now to choose a GK and you will see the list on the left – those are all my U23 GKs available for selection. If it shows NG next to his name it means his team doesn’t have a game scheduled for this current game-week, so try selecting the ones who do have games.

If you want more information about your players, click on the Stats View option and it will show last 5 scores for each players (DNP = did not play). Above the red arrow you can see a PRO button, it will show you the last 5 scores and the next opponent of the players you selected in your 5-a-side team. Example in the picture below

You are also required to select a captain. Choose the player you think will score the highest points as he receives an extra 20% bonus on his score as a captain

If you choose the second option from the Play tab, it will take you to the live tournaments where you can see the live leaderboards and your current rankings plus other information.