Build teams on a budget

Sorare is growing in popularity and more and more users are getting involved in this blockchain fantasy football game. But as we all see, Ethereum is on a ascendent path and combined with this userbase growth lead to higher prices across the board in fiat terms, which created a barrier of entry for a lot of newcomers, especially for the ones who use their local currency for purchases and don’t want to spend a lot of money in the beginning.

Out of curiosity I did some research using Soraredata and managed to put together a list of cheaper options for each position. Always do your own research, this is only for informative purpose.

The aim is to build up a team and focus on the All Star Division 4 tournament as for now it is the only one that rewards users for hitting the point thresholds: 


Over 205 points = 0.01 Ethereum

Over 250 points = 0.02 Ethereum


I’ve selected the players from different leagues and continents. At this point there are leagues with 4 months of games left to play from this season while other leagues will start in a month or two, so choose a strategy and than buy accordingly. One strategy that could bring in nice results is buying players in advance from the leagues that will start in February (Russia or J1 League) or March (K-League 1 or MLS). Some of them can still be found at good prices around the market, so let’s find out how much a team would end up costing. For reference I’ll use the price from the lowest offer on the market (instant buy price) but sometimes there is room for negotiations so the prices could be even lower. 

Starting with the goalkeepers, probably the most expensive category on Sorare due to them being even more scarce than the outfield players. One way to be competitive without spending money on a GK is choosing 2 good starting GK in the initial card draft where you can choose 10 free common players with a 500M virtual budget. These white cards can be used in Division 4 tournaments, but they will receive a initial penalty of minus 50% of their score, which can decrease when levelling your card. Considering this, a starting GK will score around 40 points (60+ with a cleansheet) and half of that is 20 points which could be essential in hitting the thresholds. This method is quite common and it saves the cost of starting goalkeeper. 

Let’s continue with the defenders. Some of the things that I focused on was finding players who start or play most of the games and have an average score of 50 or higher. These are a few of the options currently listed on the market:

In preparation for the start of the Japan League J1 in late February I selected these 3 defenders who can put on good scores and are regulars for their teams. This prices can now be negotiated with the new feature implemented recently on Sorare which allows us to make different offers for players who are listed on the market, but it depends if the seller wants to or not. 

These next ones are even cheaper. 3 of them are from the Russian league which restarts at the end of February and one is from the Belgium league and can be used straight away. 

For those willing to spend a bit more, Mbemba and Douglas Santos are very good options, both being capable of hitting high SO5 scores. Mbemba will also have some extra games with Porto still involved in Champion League. 

Moving forward to midfielders, I spotted a few good options on the market so plenty to choose from. I’ll start with three from MLS and J1 League who could turn out great buys in the future. 

This next lot is composed of a few youngsters who are already playing regularly for their teams:

And a few more I think are good value for money:

Forwards are also a bit more pricey than the rest of outfield players, but there are still some bargains out there. The first three are from Europe:

Other options could be players from J1 League or MLS:

In order to be competitive enough and to have a few options every weekend, I’d say 6-7 rare outfield players plus using a common goalkeeper to avoid paying 0.2 ETH or more for a starting rare one, is a very good way to start your journey on Sorare. I’m sure there are plenty of other cheap options and bargains around, that’s why is essential for everyone to do their own research. 

From the examples above, I’ll pick up 6 players (2 for each position) to see what would the cost be for such a team:


Common GK – £0

Defenders: Y. Rakitskiy (0.04ETH) + G. Dzhikiya (0.064ETH)

Midfielders: D. Fomin (0.054ETH) + P. Zulj (0.05ETH)

Forwards: M. Berg (0.059ETH) + M.Uth (0.054ETH)


The estimated cost of this team is around 0.3 ETH or even less if you are able to negotiate with the sellers. Most of these players are from the Russian League which starts in one month from now so with a bit of patience you could start the journey on your right foot. On Sorare planning ahead and scouting players can be very rewarding and great football knowledge plus research can compensate not having a lot of money to deposit.

There are several ways you could profit and increase the value of your gallery:

With a decent team you should hit the 250 points threshold on a regular basis (you need to hit that fifteen times to break even on your initial deposit: 15 x 0.02 = 0.3eth). Great way to build up your gallery and strengthen your team.

Benefit from capital appreciation by buying injured, out of form or players playing in leagues that will start at a later date. Usually players are cheaper in off-season or when they suffer a injury, but sentiment can change quickly and their price could increase substantially when they become relevant again.

Collecting digital Sorare cards could also turn out as a great strategy in the long run considering the increase in popularity of the NFT(non-fungible-token) space on top of Sorare being one of the leading projects in blockchain gaming with sales of over $600k in the last week and a constantly increasing user base. 

If you are new and want to give it a go, sign-up for a free account and play a few tournaments with the 10 Common cards you select for free in the initial draft. In case you are planning to spend money at some point and want to avoid paying a high cost for a starting goalkeeper, make sure you select at least 2 starting goalkeepers in the draft even if you spend most of your initial 500M budget on this. Than select the rest of 8 players from the ones valued at 10M or more, check out Betis players as they are amongst the cheapest ones at the moment. After the draft, use these common players to register a team in Rookie League and see how the SO5 tournaments work. You can play the Rookie League for 8 game weeks so plenty of time to get a better idea about what Sorare is. Have fun!