Buy & sell players on Sorare

Trading players on Sorare can be a great way to build up your gallery and can be very rewarding. I’ve put together this guide to make it easier to understand how buying and selling players works

In the picture above you can see the Transfer Market screen. This is the place where you can buy players and there are two options to do that: New Cards & Manager Sales.


New cards

You can buy newly minted cards directly from Sorare by participating in daily auctions and bidding against other users. Bidding on an auction is easy. Simply place a bid on the Player Card you want and wait for the auction to end. If another user places a higher bid, you will be re-credited and you will get notified so that you have a chance to place a higher bid. At the end of the auction time, the user with the highest bid wins the auction and the Player Card is transferred to his Gallery.

Auction prices are dictated by the users, so sometimes you might end up in a bidding war if the player you are looking to buy is really sought after. If you really want that player, go check the Manager Sales as you might find what you are looking for and a few times it happened that players were listed on the secondary market under the price of the last auction.


Manager Sales

Manager sales or the secondary market as many call it is the place where you can see all the players listed for sale by other users.

The cards that can be sold are Rare, Super Rare and Unique Cards (Common – white ones – cannot be traded). When looking at the Card page, if you are the actual owner, you’ll find the option to put the card up for sale.

  1. Enter the price

  2. Confirm by pressing sell

Your player card will then be on sale for the next 48 hours. If no one buys your card, the sale will expire and the card will remain in your gallery.

If someone buys your card, you will receive an in-game notification and an email. Your balance won’t update immediately as the transfer is underway. Once the transfer of the card is completed, then you receive the money for that card on your Sorare account. You can find the status of your card transfer on the card itself.

If you enter a tournament and one card you used in your team sells before the deadline, you will receive a message explaining that your line-up is cancelled because that card is no longer yours so you won’t be able to use it anymore.

If you enter a tournament and one card you used in your team sells after the deadline, then your team is still registered. It’s the deadline that locks in the team.

Be careful when buying on the secondary market as some users tend to overprice their players. Best what you can do is to go on Soraredata and check the player you want to buy – get information about his average price, past trades and the best available offer on the market. 

There is also another way to buy players by creating direct offers. 


Direct offers

Click on your username and you’ll see the menu from the picture. Direct offers gives you the possibility to send personalized offers for someone else players who are not listed for sale. 

Press Create a new offer and first you will be asked the username of the person you want to make the offer to. On the next screen you can add the ETH amount you are willing to pay for his player. If you are looking to trade some of your existing cards against his without any eth, leave this on 0. Next it will ask you if you want to add some of your own players to the offer – sometimes you might want to trade a player + ETH for another player so this will come in useful. Press next and select the player you want to buy/trade. On the last screen you will see a review of the offer so double check it and if everything is right press Submit

Under the My auctions tab you can see the current auctions (it shows 0 as I’m not involved in any at the moment), cards you are selling (it shows 2 as I have 2 players listed for sale) and cards you put a bid on (shows all the past information about the auctions you were involved in)