Transfer market

One of the things that makes Sorare so appealing is the fact that there are plenty of strategies to choose from.

A good thing to start with is setting up your budget and your targets. Than choose a strategy and stick to it.

Spotting possible transfers early could be very rewarding on Sorare, but there are a few things to keep in mind when doing this:


1. Make sure the player will transfer in a league covered by Sorare’s Opta provider because otherwise he won’t score points in the SO5 tournaments. A full list of the leagues covered can be found below


2. A player who is playing for a dominating team in a weaker league and scoring high on the SO5 matrix will transfer to a stronger league where he won’t be able to post those big scores as often as he did before.


3. If the player moves to a club which isn’t already licensed on Sorare, he will become more scarce as no new copy’s of him will be issued till that club gets on board. 


Circumstances could change dramatically for a player and also his value. For example we have a player that is playing for a strong team in a strong league, but he doesn’t get much game time and his SO5 scores are affected by this. If he transfers to a strong team in a softer league and becomes a regular there, his scores might improve drastically and all of the sudden you got a scarce high scorer in your gallery which could become really sought after.



One good example is Alexander Sorloth

His cards were printed in 2019 when he was loaned to Gent from Crystal Palace. End of his loan he returned to the english side but got loaned again to Trabzonspor for 1 year where he had a great season scoring 24 goals and 8 assists in 35 games them for the turkish side. He received points in the SO5 tournaments because Turkey Super Lig is covered by Opta.

No new cards of him were printed (only 4 rares existing at the moment) which made him extremely scarce and valuable.