Getting started on Sorare and familiarising with the platform might be a bit overwhelming, so the aim of this guide is to make those first steps easier for new users.


1. So let’s start from zero. First thing is to register an account on Sorare. Press PLAY and you will be directed to their homepage. Select SIGN-UP and create an account.


2. Fill up your details and you will receive an confirmation e-mail. Go to your inbox and confirm your account.

3. Your Sorare account is now setup and you are ready to claim your first 10 free common players. These common player cards are not tradable, but you can use them in Rookie Tournaments and have a shot at rewards including rare player cards.

Click on the blue arrow.


4. You will be alocated a limited budget of 400M to buy 10 players. Keep in mind that this budget can only be used for the to choose the 10 free common players and it will disappear afterwards, so there is no point in saving any. Try to spend all of it or as close as possible. If you’re planning to buy rare players, I’d advise to spend most of this budget on GKs as they have utility afterwards

VERY IMPORTANT: At Step 3/3 choose the option “Build your own team” so you will be able to select the players yourself. 

5. You will be prompted to the selection screen. This is where the fun starts. You will have to select 10 players and at least:


2 Goalkeepers
2 Defenders
2 Midfielders
2 Forwards


and 2 players of any position of your choice. Remember you have a set budget of 500M so spend it wisely. Try to choose players who have plenty of games to come and are almost guaranteed starters for their teams. 

IMPORTANT: If you are planning to purchase rare players at some point, keep in mind that it can be really useful to have 1 or 2 good common Goalkeepers in order to field a competitive team and grind for ETH prizes in All Star Division 4 tournament. This is because Goalkeepers are quite expensive due to their increased scarcity (only 1 starter/team).


6. By now you should see the 10 free common players in your gallery. Let’s use them for the first time. Press “Play” and choose the latest Game Week available from the list and click compete.

You will now see all the leagues available for this certain game week (keep in mind that each game week has different leagues open based on the number of live games played in that period).

Choose Rookie Tournaments as this is the only place where you stand any chances to win rewards using only common players (don’t forget you are considered a Rookie only 8 game weeks, the status will than disappear and also the option of Rookie Tournament)


7. On this screen you will information about the Prize Pools for the rookie tournament:

If you are placed in the first 50% of the total number of entrants (you can find this information in the top right corner) you will receive a reward.

Here you have an amazing chance to win a rare card, but you need to be placed in the top 3. It’s a good way to start building your gallery or you can even sell the card for cash on the Transfer Market.

Press “Register a team”


8. In order to access any competitions, you are required to register your account to a mobile number. Don’t worry, you will only be required to pass this once and you can only attach one account to your phone number. It was put in place for a couple of reasons:

– Prevent player from multi-accounting

– Strengthen account security for managers

It takes only about 20 seconds and all you have to is submit your valid phone number. You will than receive a code, type that in and press “Verify code”


9. On the next screen you will choose your team for the next round. Choose one goalkeeper, one defender, one midfielder & one forward. The Extra player can be any position of your choice.

On the left menu you can see additional information like player’s next opponent. You can also check the “Stat view” and it will show their last 5 scores. Make sure you choose players from teams that are playing in the next round.


10. Once your team is selected, confirm and it will be submitted for the tournament.


11. Now let’s get to the crypto aspect of Sorare. In the top right corner we can access our account and wallet. If you don’t have an Ethereum account already, you can sign-up for one in here. Press on the blue menu


12. From this options here I’d recommend Metamask.

Create an account with either of these options. Remember to save all your logins and private keys somewhere safe, even better if you can store them on a piece of paper in case your device is lost or damaged and you don’t have a back-up. 


13. Go to and download the desktop version (it is an extension that only works with Chrome browser). You won’t be able to connect Metamask to Sorare from your phone, so first time you do it I’d advise you to use a desktop or laptop to setup everything. Metamask is a reliable and safe wallet for Ethereum and also a gateway to blockchain app and games. Make sure you to back-up your password and the 12-word seed phrase, right it on a piece of paper or notebook because it is essential in order to keep yourself safe and never lose access to your Metamask account as no one can help you recover it. 


14. Sorare recently implemented Ramp on their website so from now on users can fund their Sorare Wallet easier using their own currency (40+ currencies supported) and favourite payment option (open banking, bank transfer, credit card) all within Sorare. With Ramp it’s easy to convert your preferred currency in Ethereum. 

One thing to keep in mind is that you can also make purchases straight with your credit/debit card on Sorare. If you choose to do so, only buy from the auctions (New Signings tab) because there is 0% fee this way. Buying from the Transfer Market (User sales) directly with your card will have a 10% fee included. 


Full details in this article:


15. Last step is not essential but in case you want to purchase Ethereum and than transfer it to Sorare, you can open a Coinbase account (if available in your country). You will need this account in order to buy & sell Ethereum using your debit/credit card.

Keep in mind that you can buy players from the transfer market directly with your card, but in order to withdraw you will need an Coinbase account (or other similar option).

Open Coinbase in your browser or download the Coinbase app and press “Get started” to sign-up for an account.

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you use your real details when registering on Coinbase as they will ask you for e-mail, phone, identity & adress verification so you’ll need to provide them the documents that confirm your details (similar to a bank account so take it very seriously)

17. As mentioned above, before you can access your Coinbase account you will need to go through this verifications steps. This ensures your account is secured and protected and also complies with the regulatory requirements.

It usually doesn’t take more than a few hours for all this to be completed. After your Identity check is approved, you can login into your Coinbase account and submit a document (bill, statement etc) to confirm your address and you are done.


Hopefully you are all set now. If you still have questions or you need help with something, feel free to contact me at or on Twitter @sorareuk